Friday, 22 September 2017

Veriation, why?

I feel like the first post is always the most difficult to write because you don't know who you are writing to. For now, I am writing to myself and my future self. I hope that someday I will be able look back and see this blog as my life's journey. And perhaps when I have grey hair and a bunch of grandchildren they will amuse themselves with how ancient all my posts will certainly seem like!

If you are reading this you were most likely directed to this first post by myself so I feel like introductions are unnecessary. However, if you stumbled across this page and know nothing about me: Hi, how are you? Welcome! Here's some random facts about myself: My name is Vera, I am currently 24 years old and I live in Portugal. I studied Pharmacy in university and I am currently working as such. I am passionate about photograhy and my goal in life is to travel as much as I can and pet as many pets as possible. I prefer winter over summer, don't like cheese, I like skiing and figure skating and I believe my biggest talent is being able to remember a lot of random facts about the most diverse topics (which are an amazing conversation starter and even better awkward silence fillers).

So why Veriation? Simply put, because my name is Vera and I'm planning to write about a variation of themes. I thought about a thematic name but somehow Veriation was what stuck to me the most because it is, in fact, the truest one and the one that makes most sense. I will not write about a specific theme so I feel it is rather fitting.

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