Sunday, 3 December 2017

FIFA 18: The Prespective of a Player's Girlfriend

All FIFA 18 players' girlfriends (or boyfriends) know that when it comes to the end of September, every year without failing, our boyfriends can only think of one thing: the new release of FIFA. And then afterwards we know it'll be hard to make them come out of their cave, where they spend hours and hours researching the stats of the players, buying and selling them on their special market until they eventually start to play against other people, most likely as addicted as he is.

According to my boyfriend there is one and only rule while he plays this game, one must not speak to him when he's playing with someone else. And, considering he spends a reasonable part of the night before bed playing FIFA, you can imagine how fun our evenings can be. My favourite parts are when he starts to lose the game(s) and then the fun (aka fury combined with a couple of curse words) begins. And by favourite I mean that I dislike them very much because EA managed to create a game where people get mad very easily.

I have done an extensive research to be able to understand what I'm talking about here, including checking a bunch of stats on a website called Futbin, used by a lot of FIFA players to come up with their teams. Thus, I have recently learnt that there's three major events they usually lose sleep for: black friday (or weekend), team of the season and team of the year. These are also the periods where there's an apparent crash of the FIFA market because they buy a lot of packs (where you spend your fifa coins/points, which can also be bought with real money and which is also the reason why our boyfriends are always broke) in the hope of getting special cards to play with. So basically they spend real money on FIFA packs to have the possibility of getting special players, even though most of the players they get are very common.

I have tried getting into the game, at least so we could play together, but honestly, the fact that the game keeps switching between players without my consent makes me very anxious because oftentimes I don't agree with its choices. Another thing that I get really confused about is the so called script. Sometimes it decides pretty good kicks shouldn't be goals but hits on the bar instead. On the other hand, pretty lousy kicks sometimes manage to get inside the goal and the player doesn't even know how to repeat that feat!

I wish this game could be something we could play together but there's some issues here. Now, EA'S FIFA 18 doesn't appeal to me at all because I already have very little patience for real life football, let alone gaming football. The current gameplay doesn't appeal to me at all, which is understandable since the game's demographic and its target is mostly 20-25 men (I did my research here, yes). I'm sure there's women interested but since I'm not and I would like to be somewhat involved in this popular game that consumes most of my boyfriend's evenings here's my suggestion: While you don't create a figure skating game, please do a FIFA Sims version. My boyfriend would get to play with the players in the field and I would take care of them outside the field. I would be able to train them, improve their stats, maybe get them a pet, etc. Maybe we could even create new players from birth we could later sell in the market? Think about this, EA. I think I'm onto something here!

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