Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Dark Side of Christmas

Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas. I like that this is an excuse to gather the whole family around and a reason to get fancy (or not) new stuff or sometimes only the money to buy said fancy new stuff.  I'm crazy about all kinds of the advent calendars, I love putting up the Christmas tree and I like giving people meaningful gifts that I'm sure they will enjoy and watching their faces when they unwrap them. But, despite this being a really festive and happy season there's always a couple of things that annoy me during this season:

It's November 1st, Dammit!
After Halloween, which I'm pretty sure the shops adopted solely to be able to sell more candy and stupid costumes (apparently Carnival is not enough for them), they immediately switch to Christmas lights, Santas and Merry Christmases signs. I'm positive they do it earlier and earlier every time. Give consumerism a break, people!

Thankfully this year I was able to escape the Christmas songs on the radio for quite a while and only been catching them this last week, which is understandable. However, they are always the same ones. We already know that the only thing Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you. I was slightly doubtful about that so I'm typing this as I listen to Mariah Carey. After all, I'm no Grinch.

Tv Scheduling
Talking about the Grinch, here's a classic Christmas movie, along with The Sound of Music and Home Alone. Now I got to be honest about this one. I will always sit down and watch these last two. Always. And I would be upset if the tv didn't put them on their schedule during Christmas. I checked and this year they've also included Frozen and Home so I'm all set for Christmas Day. What makes my body itch is when the tv channels make boring choices such as a Stars Gala or keep their normal schedule with typical afternoon programs aimed towards people above the age of sixty, forgetting it's not a normal day and that although the population is indeed aging, the rest of the demography still does not appreciate 5 hours of programs where every ten minutes they remind you to call a certain telephone number (looking at you, TVI).

Company Dinner
Now if you're not working yet or you're lucky enough to work for yourself you may not relate to this one. But the companies always do these Christmas Team Dinners the employees should attend to. I honestly don't have a bad experience with these (I've only been to two so far, so I may be getting ahead of myself) but there's always some worrisome issues: what you should wear (is it more formal or more laid back?), what you should eat (should you restrain yourself or is it okay to eat as much as you feel like?) and then there's the whole awkward moments of seeing your colleagues outside the work environment and how you should behave. But perhaps I'm the only one who gets anxiety by these gatherings beforehand but they usually end up being fine. It's just a whole process I'd rather not go into.

As I previously said, I do like giving out gifts. However, there are always those people you have no idea what to get them and will break your head until you finally come across something. On the other hand, when you're the problematic person to get gifts because you actually don't want anything you feel bad because you have no idea what to answer when people ask you what you want - this year all I asked for was socks and slippers and I'm pretty sure that, unfortunately, no one is going to give me that (I'll keep you updated about this issue).

People everywhere. Everywhere you go there's people buying stuff, trying to sell you stuff, there's people EVERYWHERE. The parking lots are always so full one loses all their motivation upon entering the shopping mall and losing so much time searching for a parking spot.

What about you? Do you love Christmas and are looking forward to it? Or do you hate it? What gets under your skin during this special time of the year?

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