Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Struggles of a Beginner Cook

With my moving out the necessity to cook arose so, in case it's not clear by the title, the beginner cook is me. Even though the parents still send food everytime they see us, just in case we're starving ourselves with our inability to cook for ourselves we have managed to cook sometimes. And by "we have managed" I meant myself. The boyfriend doesn't cook but we've established before that I cook and he cleans everything afterwards and so far we've both been keeping our end of the deal.

I have not cooked much but I'm slowly learning and enjoying it. So far, I've been able to produce carrot rice, tuna rice, spaguetti, mashed potatoes from the scratch (and that made me spend almost one hour in the kitchen - never again), spaguetti alla carbonara, fish fingers (still working on that because the frying pan is not leveled enough for them to be evenly cooked) and sausages (the last ones were so much better than my first attempt as this last time I managed to cook them evenly!). I'm obviously not including the pizza or lasagna that I put in the microwave.

I feel like this is a part one of a long series of posts but so far these are my main issues with cooking:

The amount of pasta/rice
I honestly never know how much I should cook. A one time meal always turns into three meals for two. On one hand, it it sort of handy because I only have to cook once and then we have meals for later but on the other hand, one does get tired of eating the same thing. So I would like to be able to handle the quantities much better. I keep thinking I have the right amount and then it turns out I could have invited the whole family for dinner instead!

The heated oil
I am scared of this one! I managed to burn myself when making fish fingers because of the oil and now I'm scared for life! I've been wanting to make fries for a while now but since I don't own one of those sort of nets where one can put the potatoes and deep them in the burning oil, I'll have to find a solution. If anyone knows how to do it properly in a frying pan, please do let me know.

The amount of salt
Contrary to the pasta and rice issue, instead of overcooking, I usually don't put enough salt and this is because I'm always afraid it'll get too salty so I choose to not take that risk and underdo it instead.

Omelets and pancakes
Everytime I've tried cooking omelets or pancakes, so far, they've turned into scrambled eggs and a crazy shaped crepe instead. I've never managed to turn them to the other side properly so again, if you have any tricks please do share them with me. I've tried waiting for the bubbles to appear on the pancakes but even when the dough is full of little bubbles and I try to turn them they get misshapen.

The oven
The oven itself was a challenge to me, only solved yesterday evening with a higher level adult help (with this I mean the boyfriend's father came in our rescue). I tried everything to light up the oven, pressing two buttons at the same time, rotating the wheel to one side and then the other side, you name it. I even had a group chat with my friends and they weren't able to figure it out. In the end, apparently, this oven only releases the gas and needs an external fire to turn on so guess who has two thumbs and is going to buy the biggest lighter she finds in order to not get burnt? (It's this girl right here)

And this concludes my first set of struggles that I'm currently facing. I will ask again: if you know any tricks for these please do share your wisdom with me!

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