Sunday, 28 January 2018

An Open Letter to My Cat: Questions I Have

As you might know by now, I recently got a cat. You can check his background and some tips of what you should and should avoid doing when you get a cat yourself in my last post. So Simba is around five months now, getting more and more comfortable every day and on his way to become an Instagram top model. We're hoping he doesn't start marking his territory for a while but we know he'll start doing very soon (another trip to the vet will be scheduled as soon as that happens).

While we're very happy he's in our lives, we still got a few issues. And by issues I mean we have some questions we'd love if he could answer so this is my open letter to my cat.

"Dear Simba,

Hopefully you look at us as more than the humans who feed you twice a day and occasionally rub your fur. I know we had a rough start and you took a while to warm up to these humans but after two or three weeks you started showing typical cat behaviours towards us. However, there are a few questions we'd like you to answer because those still baffle us.

1- How can you ALWAYS be hungry?
You've turned out to be a HUGE gluton, dear Simba. You're always begging for food and we can't leave the cupboards open for thirty seconds because you come out of nowhere and when we look again, you're searching for (and most times finding) something to eat. We know you've recently gotten the habit, which we're trying to work on, of climbing onto the kitchen counters to eat the food we sometimes leave there. You've even been able to work around the microwave protection I left on top of my breakfast bowl and managed to feast on it! While we're on it, please let your obsession with the trash can go, the food there is not for you.
You also got recently obsessed with your 4kg food bag and even managed to open the wardrobe it was in to get to it! We're running out of places within my reach but out of yours to hide it in!

2 - Why are you very still and suddenly start running around like a mad cat?
You know the situation. You're standing very still, your tail wagging left and right and suddenly you start running somewhere like your life depends on it. We, humans, are suspicious you somehow have access to a paralel world and when you do that it's because your life is being threatened in that other dimension but we'd like to have your input on it.

3 - What do you see in rugs?
You have an obsession with rugs. I don't know what you see in them but you like to stretch and put your claws out and do some weird movements on them we still haven't understood. You do this quite a lot during the morning, when I'm trying to not wake up, so I will give you food. We'd like to, so please do explan why you do this.

4 - What's up with the bites?
Sometimes we're having a petting session and you're enjoying it very much (I can hear you purr!) and after a while you just bite us out of nowhere. It's a light bite, yes, but what's up with that? Why do you do that and how can we make you see it's not okay to bite us, even if they're not meant to harm (at least I don't think so anyway)?

5 - Why do you ignore it when we call you by your name?
You've been Simba for two month now. We've been calling "Let's go, Simba, let's go eat" every time we feed you. We've been saying your name every time we pet you. Yet, you still don't respond when we call Simba. By now, we're almost sure you just don't care what your name is.

With love,
Vera (the human)"

If you know the answers to any of these questions, or any other tips in general (like how to make him stop going after his food bag), please don't hesitate in commenting, because these are truly intriguing behaviours. Meanwhile, don't forget that you can follow my Simba's adventures on Instagram!

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