Sunday, 14 January 2018

FIFA 18: My Boyfriend Tried to Teach Me How To Play

After my last FIFA 18 post I tried to show more interest in this game (even though there's still no Sims crossover which, by the way, I've been thinking about and there will be a post soon with a list of ideas EA could implement) so I asked him to teach me how to play.

It was a sunny sunday and we sat in front of the tv. I was playing with Real Madrid against FC Porto (controlled by the game), the boyfriend chose some settings involving players' positions (and didn't explain me one bit), and I had already suffered two goals when the game decided to glitch and the players started playing by themselves while I was only able to control the goalkeeper - I must say they did play better without me controlling them, but honestly there's no need to rebel against me like that. We quit the game and restarted again. During this first trial I managed to learn how to pass the ball and direct it towards the players so that's something.

So the second game starts. Once again, it was Real Madrid against FC Porto. I must say I'd gotten the hang of the pass skill by now. However I now had a new problem: whenever I lost the ball I wasn't able to get it back because my players seemed to never run as fast as the other team, didn't go where I thought I was telling them to go and somehow mine never ended up where I wanted to. By halftime it was 4 null (one of which was scored by myself so technically I scored one goal, no matter it was in the wrong goal). I must say, however, I had 55% of ball possession and 85% of pass accuracy, which is something. These were the only stats I was better than them but considering they had scored three goals (let's not forget I did score one) they obviously had stats on shots and shot accuracy I didn't. They also had 2 injuries and 3 fouls while I had none so again, that's something!

The boyfriend ended up finishing the second halftime for me and scored twice not suffering any goals but he did something with the formation and the tactics during the game so I'm pretty much convinced that if he'd told me about that instead of making me focus on passes I would have been slightly more succefull in this first attempt. I simply cannot understand how they're able to control the players properly, mine never do as I told them!

In conclusion, while EA doesn't do a Sims crossover (I'll patent that idea one day) I think I'll stick to Sims only because at least my Sims do what I tell them to and they're way easier to control! When the boyfriend has a bit more patience to teach me the FIFA ways of playing (and not only passing) maybe I'll be able to win against the computer!

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