Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Little Victories of a Beginner Cook

Two months ago I wrote about my struggles as a beginner cook and while some of them are still valid (hello, amount of side dishes!), I know I've made some progress since then. I'm slowly venturing into more complicated recipes (still have a long path to walk) and finding a new joy in baking despite the setback of my mixer arriving with the wrong wands so I had to beat the egg whites with my arms only. So today I'm going to tell you about my little victories as someone who recently started cooking.

New recipes
You know when you try a new recipe for the first time and somehow it ends up being edible and even tastes good? Yes, I have been surprising myself with my ability to not mess up recipes or, at least, still making them edible.

My specialty dish
I thought I would need a bit more experience in the cooking art to have a speciality dish (and maybe I do). However, my spaghetti/tagliatelle alla carbonara has been pretty popular. It's what I always cook when we have people over, mostly because it's an easy one and there's barely anything that can go wrong. I'm still not being able to figure out the right quantity of pasta/rice but I've recently been given an utensil that should help me with that (shout out for tupperware!).

People enjoying the food
When I try a new recipe or present my "specialty dish" and people give you compliments (or just eat peaceful without making remarks) makes me really happy. Of course, I am still not 100% sure they're just being polite when trying to assure me it's good but my own tastebuds tell me it's edible so that's something.

Not burn anything
I was never someone who burned my food a lot (I think it only happened once with rice because I got distracted while it was cooking and I was still able to save the majority of it). Still, being able to produce food without it being burned is an accomplishment one shouldn't overlook.

Perfect omelet
A while ago, if someone asked me if I could make omelets I would reply I could do amazing scrambled eggs. Turns out my fear of burning the eggs was preventing me of being able to cook a decent omelet. I am still working on the shape of my pancakes but my omelets now are a perfect 10/10 as I'm already able to turn them properly!

What about you? Any new accomplishments you felt really happy when you started cooking?

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